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Policies, Safeguarding and Equality

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Procedures that ensure the school offer excellent Safeguarding measures include:

-careful vetting during the recruitment of all new staff taking account of Department for Education guidance, including ensuring recruiters have received Safer Recruitment training;

-thorough induction for all staff and annual training for all staff; -annually reviewed procedures and policies through the Governing Body, including multi agency working arrangements;

-clear procedures for all staff outlined in the staff handbook, including risk assessments for all aspects of school life, which are updated annually and involve the children;

Deputy Headteacher is the Designated Senior Person with responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection and receives training at least every two years;

-Early Years leader, Assistant Headteacher and a Head Teacher are also trained as Designated Senior People;

-A member of the Governors undertakes termly reviews of all aspects of safeguarding, including Child Protection, Positive Handling, Pupil Safety, Medical Needs, the Single Central Record (which maintains details on staff members and volunteers) and any incidents referring to bullying, eSafety or racism;

-regular monitoring by the governors and headteacher, including discussions with pupils and parent questionnaires and

-there is a whistleblowing policy which is given to all staff.

Equality Duty

Millfields First School complies with the Public Sector Equality Act. Information on the Equality Act can be requested from the school. Our equality objectives are: To narrow the gap between the attainment of the lowest 20% of attainers and the nationally expected level and further develop and widen children’s understanding of the nature of modern Britain.

Please feel free to read our various policies which underpin everything we do at school.

These are important documents which actively inform our annual School Improvement Plan. They are revisited, reviewed and updated with school governors as a part of our three year rolling programme for school self-evaluation.

Please Download Our Policy Documents here:

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Adobe-PDF-Document-iconSafeguarding Children Policy Download Policy here >


Adobe-PDF-Document-iconComplaints Policy Download Policy here >


Adobe-PDF-Document-iconOfsted Report March 2014 Download Policy here >


Adobe-PDF-Document-iconLearning Outside the Classroom Download Policy here >  



Privacy Notice Download Policy here



Whole School Healthy Food Policy  Download Policy here >