Pupil Premium funding and School Trips

Each year the school receives additional money from the Government called a ‘pupil premium’ which is allocated to us on the basis of the number of children who are entitled to or have been entitled to ‘free school meals’ (FSM). This money is used by school to support these pupils which can include subsidising trips where appropriate. This does mean that some pupils may not have to pay for school trips. School trips are an important part of the curriculum and enrich what we do in the normal school day. It is necessary that all children have access to these enrichment activities. We are also very grateful to the Friends who help to subsidise some trips to keep the costs down. However, this does not mean that pupils who do contribute are ever asked to contribute more to help cover these costs. We always ensure that we get best value for all of our trips to keep costs to a minimum. More information about Pupil Premium funding is available on our school website.