Children as Leaders


Children as Leaders

Play Leaders
Playleaders play an important role in supporting the Lunchtime Supervisors by organising and leading playground games and activities for younger children in our school. Year 4 children can apply to become a Playleader by speaking to their class teacher or Ms. Lee.

Playleaders receive special training to develop their confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem. In order to reward the children’s achievements the school has developed a Playleaders award scheme. Playleaders can achieve bronze, silver and gold awards which recognise and value their hard work.

“I love being a Playleader because I enjoy having fun with the children in Key Stage 1. As a Playleader I help children to have fun at school and teach younger children how to play games happily and safely.”

“I enjoy being a Playleader because I get to help people and play games with younger children. We help children if they are hurt, feel upset or are worried and we also play lots of games!”

School Council
At the beginning of each school year, children in each class from Reception Class to Year 4 vote for two pupils who they would like to take on the role of School Councillor. The School Council is led by Mrs Worrall, Mrs Gersbach and Mrs South.

Our School Council meet every two weeks. During these meetings, the Councillors are given a task to complete with the other children in their class. At the next meeting the Councillors will then feedback the ideas and suggestions put forward.

We value pupil voice and the children’s contributions and suggestions are valued and shared with our school staff and Governing Body.

Our aims as a School Council are to:

  • bring forward ideas and suggestions from everyone in our school, to improve our learning, our school community and our school site
  • work and meet with members of the local community to further enhance our curriculum.
  • share pupil voice
  • learn the skills needed to become a good citizen, making democratic decisions for our school
  • be confident, articulate orators when communicating our ideas with others
  • To work as a team to achieve a goal

“We can make a class decision, we vote and we figure out a way.”

“School council, digital leaders, sports crew, eco council, house team leaders. They inspire you to be what you want to be.”

Eco Council

Our Eco council is made up of children from all Key Stages. We meet to discuss ideas and different issues we are working on to improve our environment, and how we can help global environmental issues from our school community.

Millfields eco-councillors are in charge of ensuring that our school is being eco-friendly and helping spread the eco word to help us gain Eco-Schools Green Flag status.

One of our first jobs is to complete an Environmental Review of the school. We already know that there are lots of things we are doing really well such as recycling and changing the lights to sensor activated ones, but there are still areas for development.

“We have to take care of our world. In school we can do this through litter picking.”

“We all need to make sure school is a safe environment, in the classrooms and at Forest School.”

“Everyone needs a safe area to breathe in, we all have to help and we can start in school.”

“Being a part of an Eco-School is helping people protect the world together.”

Sports Crew
Sports Crew play an important role in ensuring children have increased opportunities to be physically active at school. Sports crew assist during warm ups in PE lessons, collecting and resourcing equipment for lessons, assisting with the organising at Sports Day and promoting the school games values. Two children from each class can apply to become a Sports Crew Member by speaking to their class teacher or Miss Hughes. Children in each class then vote for their class members to be their sports crew representatives for their class.

Sports Crew receive special training to develop their confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem. During their time as Sports Crew children will work through different tasks/activities. Their first task is to delivery an assembly explain about the importance of Sports Crew.

“I really enjoyed sports crew training you learn a lot about how important sport and exercise is”

“PE is good for health and mental health”

“It is really good being part of Sports Crew, we get to help others share our passion for sport”

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are children with a passion for technology who want to share their knowledge with others and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school. Being a Digital Leader is a fantastic opportunity to take on responsibility, learn new skills, develop and demonstrate leadership skills.

At the start of every year, pupils from years 1 to 4 can chose to put themselves forward for this role. They will be elected by their peers through a class vote. Once selected the members will participate in training using the Purple Mash programme. The digital leaders will contribute to meetings, whole school assemblies and internet safety days.

“I love being a digital leader because I get to help my friends.”

“We have an important role to keep everyone safe when they are online.”

Children as leaders receive special training on confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem.


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