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Strategic plan

Millfields’ overall vision is to be an effective school living up to our motto of “Every Child Counts, Every Moment Matters” by providing an inclusive curriculum underpinned by:

  • making explicit the opportunities open to children provided by different parts of the curriculum
  • instilling in children ambition for themselves and their future
  • engendering in children a love of the outdoors
  • using Trauma Informed School practices, transforming the life chances of the most vulnerable of our children
  • creating a culture of children caring for themselves and for others.

To enable this our curriculum priorities are:

  • to provide a curriculum which is rich in opportunities for high quality oracy
  • to provide a curriculum where links with learning at Forest school are exploited where possible
  • to provide a curriculum in which the opportunities provided by the studying of different subjects is highlighted to children, making them ambitious for their future
  • to provide a curriculum where knowledge and skills are built upon and embedded in long term memory.

Our staffing priorities are:

  • to value our staff and their well-being- retaining staff through quality CPD and giving the opportunity and tools for all staff to be outstanding practitioners.

Our building priorities are:

  • to have a building which is in good condition and suitable for the ever changing needs of the children.