Charging and Remissions


Charging and Remissions Policy

Agreed by Governors
We will ensure that all school activities are made available to all pupils regardless of the financial circumstances of their family. The following policy is in place:


– Parents may be invited to make a voluntary contribution for certain activities – such as educational visits. These voluntary contributions are used to meet the cost of the activity only (i.e. entrance fees to museums etc.) and transport to and from the activity and insurance costs;

– No child will be left out of an activity because parents cannot afford to make a contribution;

– If insufficient voluntary contributions are made, the activity may have to be cancelled.

– Parents who cannot make a contribution are invited to contact the school.

– Pupil Premium funding may be used where applicable.

– Parents will be given written notification of all activities.

Residential Visits
– The cost of board and lodging can be charged for residential visits.

Music Tuition

– We are allowed to charge for individual music lessons but we try to keep charges to a minimum and eligible pupils are encouraged to apply for LA bursaries.

Out of School Hours Activities

– If the activity is outside school hours then a charge may be levied. These charges will be kept to a minimum and best value for money will be sought from the provider.

– It is Millfields’ policy to ensure that as many as possible in-house after school clubs are available free of charge to pupils.

– Before and after school care club is charged using the school SAP system parents are in voiced half-termly in advance.