SMSC and British Values


SMSC and British Values

Our ethos at Millfields First School is to offer our pupils a wide and engaging curriculum, with many opportunities to develop their understanding of the World around them. SMSC refers to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of the curriculum we teach. A fundamental way in which this is delivered is through our Forest School provision which supports all elements of SMSC.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Spiritually, we encourage our pupils to be reflective about their own beliefs and those of others. Our pupils have the opportunity to explore the beliefs and values of different faiths, considering what can be learnt from other people. Led by trained staff, pupils have regular philosophical discussions, leading them to think in depth about the World around them. Millfields First School has strong links with St Johns Church and Bromsgrove Baptist Church, our pupils regularly visit both churches and also work alongside their ministry teams. Each year pupils at our school take part in Faith Week, where they have the opportunity to explore a different faith and also develop an understanding of its beliefs and values. This supports spiritual development taught within the curriculum throughout the year and developing an understanding of all faiths.

Morally, our pupils develop a good understanding of what is right and wrong, both within their school life and their life outside of school. Children at Millfields First School are encouraged to understand moral conflict and its consequences, leading them to reflect on situations and reach solutions. They are encouraged to discuss World issues and develop an understanding of conflict and resolution on a wider scale.

Socially, we offer our pupils a wide range of experiences and opportunities to develop their social skills and their understanding of the society we live in.  During weekly Forest School sessions, the children are regularly developing their teamwork, leadership and listening skills. Year 4 pupils have a residential experience at the start of the school year. This helps to build relationships and encourage confidence and independence as they look ahead to moving on to their new middle schools at the end of the year. Pupils across the school meet and engage with pupils from other schools in events held throughout the year. Our pupils are encouraged to compare the differences in society across Britain. Whole school visits to Birmingham Art Gallery and Key Stage 2 trips to London have been successful in giving children an insight into city life and an understanding of the size and composition of a city, compared to the town in which they live. We endeavour to make links with local businesses and organisations to develop the children’s economic awareness and an understanding of the contribution that they will make to society in the future.

Culturally, we encourage our pupils to develop an awareness and respect of the diverse culture and society we live in today. As well as a wide and engaging curriculum, our pupils develop an appreciation of the arts through theatre visits and visits to art galleries. By working with established musicians and artists, our pupils have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and also learn to form an opinion of the arts. Pupils take part in many sporting activities, often at different venues giving pupils of all ages, backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to meet and compete against each other.   For example, Key Stage 2 pupils were invited to play football outside the Houses Of Parliament, organised by a Football Association Coach who has worked with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.

At Millfields First School we work hard to give our children as broad and as engaging curriculum as is possible, giving them confidence, independence, an opinion and a balanced view of the World around them.