Forest School at Millfields

Hello everyone!

Our Forest School site is currently undergoing some developments.

New fencing has been erected around the periphery of the grounds and areas of brambles have been removed. As well as creating more space for the children to use we hope to develop this area as a wild flower meadow with the children.

We have also cordoned off the old decking as this is going to become a growing, sensory and exploration area for the children to access. This work is due to take place during the Whit week holiday. We are really excited about not only the transformation this will make to our Forest School but the impact on the outdoor learning experiences for our children.

All of the children have been exploring the changes from winter to spring at different levels and have enjoyed observing at first hand how the frog spawn in the pond are transforming into froglets – quite amazing!

They have also engaged in making bird hoops for the birds to collect nesting materials and are very aware of the different types of wildlife that inhabit our Forest.  We have a wild rabbit living on site which we have observed on a regular basis. We are very lucky to have this facility.

We will keep you updated with all the improvements going on.

Best Wishes,
Debbie Neale
Forest School Leader