Welcome to the Summer Term!

Hello Cedar Class and welcome to the Summer term!

I know things are a little bit different at the moment with you not being in school and working from home, but I wanted to give you some information on the topics we have planned for this half term.

This half term in Science you will be learning about plants. You will learn to name different parts of a plant, what is required for life and growth and what part flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants. Hopefully in a few weeks you will be able to carry out an investigation at home to find out about the transportation of water within plants, but I’ll let you know more about that and what you will need closer to the time. This will be a fun investigation for you to carry out, it’s one I always enjoy!

In History you will be learning about Mayan Civilisation which will require you to carry out some of your own research each week to complete the tasks. We will look at specific areas such as food, Maya life and Maya Gods each week in more detail. Your Geography activities will also be linked to this which will include map work and making comparisons between places within South America.

For English, as well as the daily work I set for you, it is important that you continue to read regularly and keep practising your spellings which are in your reading diary. In Maths please complete the daily work I set and remember to keep practising your times tables.

There is a new Home Learning sheet for this half term if you would like some alternative activities to choose from.

Keep up the hard work,

Mrs Mills